Tuesday, April 5, 2011

About That Hat ...

I did finish the hat days ago. Here are some photos, showing how it turned out.  Anna has declared it "Cute!!" and she wants one, so I assume it's alright :) BTW, I hate taking these photos - do you know how hard it is to turn right, so that the camera doesn't cover up exactly the part of you that you want to photograph?
This one shows the brim down,
And this one shows the brim up. A nice beach hat, I think. I'll wear it on that cottage trip I mentioned yesterday.
But ... big problem.  Remember I said I had the wrong size hook, and the hat was too big? Yeah, WAY too big. You can't tell it in the pictures, but on the back of my head, is this folded over section, of "extra hat."
So, I'm going to turn the hat inside out, sew a nice tight seam along the extra portion that I want to remove, and them cut it off.  I know it sounds crazy to cut into crocheting I've just done, but it's not fundamentally different from the seams you find in your knitted shirts. Here's hoping I don't ruin it.
I'll have to get back to you on this one. Again.

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