Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Keep Looking Up!

I went to the garden to take pictures of my four majestic tulips. I ended up shooting from beneath -- a blind shot -- looking up!
Here's a deep look into the rich interior of a tulip.
Look at the blue and red!
I love the sunlight, glowing through the tulip's yellow base.
Our apple trees are blooming. The pedals are already falling into the garden plot, scattered among the early lettuce.
I kept my pumpkin inside all winter, and it was beautiful. That rich orange orb was a pleasant sight on cold winter days. Finally I noticed a growing mold on the top, and Adam dumped it in the garden. Ugly. But in the middle of the ugly and the mold, we see the seeds of new life. Last year we threw a dead pumpkin in the garden and ended up with runners of squash plant, all over the garden :)
Suddenly I wanted a shot of Adam, who was walking beside me. I don't photograph him often. I know I'll want pictures of him, later in life. I caught him with almost a smile on his face. His goal is to be a "cute little old man."  I think he's well on his way.
Bee hives in blue. The bees arrive on Saturday. The hives are stacked very high, but they survived the high winds and stormy weather last night, without toppling.
Our neighbors have a gorgeous tree with huge pink blossoms -- pompoms really! I don't know what kind of tree it is. But it's so large that much of the tree hangs over the fence into our yard, which I'm very happy of!
This year a bough is hanging far enough for me to get a close-up.  Does anyone know what kind of tree this is? (And, if I asked this question last year too, please just forgive my constant forgetfulness.)
No matter what the Dow says, or the economy says, or the banks say, or Congress does, Little Miss Spring is insistent that life will be beautiful, and is always there to cheer us. Keep looking up!


  1. Great post! Lovely pictures! Hey, who is that cute little ole man in your picture?

  2. I think its a Kwanzan cherry. We have one in our yard, just beginning to bloom. It's gorgeous.


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