Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Let's get the icky stuff over with first:

Another hoarder dies in her home. People, this is just getting sad.  How many people out there have debris stacked to the rafters? Since they don't let anyone into their homes, it's rather hard to find out, until something like this happens.

I mostly got a kick (no pun intended) by the title of this story:
"Man Uses Prosthetic Leg to Take Down Armed Robber"

I don't know how much longer this video from PBS will be available, but it's an excellent NOVA documentary on the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Well worth watching if you missed it on TV.

And speaking of the whole public TV/radio thing, I recently sent a message to NPR (National Public Radio) because I was irritated at their whiny insistence that they are not biased at all -- not politically, culturally, religiously.  I mean, if you listen to them, you can tell.  They insisted that all their listeners knew they are not biased in any way.  So I wrote. And I heard back.  NPR wanted my information from me, possibly to talk with me further and perhaps put me on the air. Ha - that'll be the day!  I wondered -- if I were to be on their show, what proof would I need to research, and present to them, to show them the big blemish on their own face? Well, somebody did it for me! Yippee! --

World Magazine's Timothy Larsen wrote a timely article on this very subject. And he actually did a bit of work, looking back at archives off various shows, demonstrating how their religious bias is rather strong. Thank you, Timothy!

(BTW, I also told NPR that they have many shows I enjoy, and that their world news is the best in the U.S.  Still, often their national news, and especially many of their "cultural" stories, begin with a strong bias. I mean, how many touching stories about gays/lesbians do I need to hear?)

That's all for today, folks!

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