Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Adam had some old beeswax in an ice cream bucket, from last year. Today he boiled it down again, to further purify it. I didn't know he still had any!! That means I can make more of my wonderful Dama's Bee Cream - yippee! I enjoyed making it so much last time.  And it turned out to be a very excellent hand cream. It's rich, moisturizing, and it smells delicious - faintly of honey :), of course.
This large round of beeswax is only about 3/4 " thick. It's round because Adam boiled it in a huge pot. It weighs 16.7 oz., so I will get lots and lots of bee cream out of it. I can't wait! I think, when my facial moisturizer runs out next, I'm going to use this bee cream, and see how my face likes it.  Adam says there is likely some bee propolis -- a glue-like substance they make to seal up their hives. Bee Propolis is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal -- a great thing for skin. Let's hear it for those bees!

And speaking of the bees, Adam got a call today telling him that they will be coming a week late, unfortunately.  He's been looking forward to having bees again. Ah well. A week from Saturday it is.

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  1. one of the doctors that I work for has raised bees for years. He has some of the larger equipment as well. how many houses does Adam have? The doctor is thinking about retiring from doing the bees but then is tempted to order more this year too. He sells the honey at the office and it goes fast. Some people buy it by the gallon.


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