Sunday, April 17, 2011

Since they'll soon be gone --

More blooms!
I just had to share this picture with you -- the Kwanzan Cherry tree in our neighbors' yard is dropping all its blooms, and beneath is a carpet of lavender. So beautiful! The effect of the layer in the bird bath is so lovely.
See? If there were fairies, they should live here.
Our neighbors' lilies, in front of phlox by their pond

Some of our azaleas are just loaded with solid bloom. This white one is a good example.
And, of course, I must brag about this Lady Banks rose, although I have nothing to do with its beauty.  I've hardly touched it, and it just goes crazy each year. They say you can cut it back severely, but I haven't had the heart!
What color!
My neighbor says it used to be even bigger, draping back over the entire carport, and onto the house. Adam probably wouldn't like that! Underneath the rose, back in the shadows, is a lovely spot to sit and view the yard.

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  1. oh, my...I was completely stunned by the fairy dust, and then -- the rose!


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