Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fish Tacos, um, without the taco...

I mentioned that we were having fish tacos. Now, when Adam suggested that meal, my mind said to itself, "Fish? In a taco? Ick!" I'm a rather limited eater.

But Adam hove too in the kitchen, and first he produced Nani's pico de gallo - a fresh salsa that's great with chips. It's basically this: diced tomatoes, diced onion, lots of cilantro, lime juice, salt. It's addictive. I don't think I've ever met Nani; she's the sister-in-law of my friend, Carolyn.  But I must say I know her salsa intimately! It's a summer staple at our house.
And it's a good starter for any Tex-Mex meal. Adam pan fried the fish, and made fresh avocado dip, which is basically this: chopped avocado, sour cream, lime juice, salt. I think. He sometimes makes it in the blender, so it's very creamy. But this time he made a chunkier variety.

And I made my taco, like a good eater. I laid out my fish on the soft shell. First I only put on a little of the pico de gallo juice. It was boring.  Adam recommended adding other items, so I did: guacamole dip, fresh pineapple, lime juice, and some of the pico. Much better, but still not quite ... memorable. I was eating everything else on my plate, and neglecting my taco. I just didn't have an inclination to eat it.
"It's bland,"  I told Adam. "It's not leaving that zippy, happy feeling on my tongue that all those flavors ought to be doing."  And I decided to remove the one thing I knew didn't excite me:  the taco shell.  I opened it up, and ate the fillings with a fork.

And it was wonderful.  Mexican Fish Salad? I don't know.  But it was mighty good!

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