Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tomatoes on the Move

My tomato seeds germinated, and came up, and are ready for transplanting into larger pots. Some of them are crowded -- see how I have three slips, in one cell? Gotta get those fellas separated, before their roots are hopelessly intertwined.
We were short on potting soil, but Adam brought up this beehive lid, and added some good garden soil, and I put in the potting soil I had left. I think it worked fine.
I got 15 of them into new pots. I ran out of pots. I think I'll use an old Luzianne paper tea box, for the rest. Some call that environmental recycling.  I call it not having to buy new pots :) See - I have one in a little white box already!
They're really coming along. Hard to believe all these came from just one old tomato, at the end of the season. Each one of these seedlings will grow (hopefully) into a tall, large plant, with 20 tomatoes on it. And each of those could produce next years seeds.  Life is amazing. The One who designed such things is amazing.
I have a nice crop of sage coming up.  I have no recipes for sage.  Does anyone have a good recipe using sage?
And oregano.  It comes back year after year, in these planters. I use it everytime I make spaghetti sauce.
We bought two basil plants, and they're looking good. Last year, I found out where on the patio the basil prefers to grow.  Good info to have!
Just as plant life is reproduced year by year, from seed, Jesus tells us that spiritual life is a seed. It can be planted into good soil, and grow, and produce a huge yield.  Who can know which seed will come up, grow, and produce a continuing crop, for years to come? Which seed will germinate? Which one will wilt in the heat? Which one will be mutilated by insects? We can't know. But sowing spiritual seeds is how eternal life is made in the human soul.

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