Monday, April 25, 2011

Jaguar XJ6

We needed a 2nd vehicle for Adam to drive to his new job, and he found this!
Granted, a 1986 is a little old, but she runs very well. She has only 110,000 miles on her. The paint job (although brown) is fairly new and nice. The upholstery has been redone inside. There are a few very minor things to fix (brake light fuse, etc.), but nothing serious.
The sun roof works. Battery and tires are good. Adam took along his manuals for our other Jag (that didn't survive. sniff) to check this one out, so he feels very good about it. And the really good news? He bought it for $1500 LESS than what the owner had paid for it, 4 years ago, and what it's still worth. I think they were in a hurry to get it out of their driveway. She was tired of it, and had a brand new car she liked better.
Adam said the owner told him that the A/C didn't work, which was a disappointment. I don't like driving in the summer heat. Then --- Adam was checking fuses and cleaned the A/C compressor, and afterward, the A/C worked after all! Can you believe it!? This will be our new date car. When we're older, and the kids are gone, this will be our "touring" car. Somehow I feel we'll have little time for touring. Still, it's a nice thought.
Julia shows off the upholstery. We haven't settled on a name for her.  I'm thinking "Fiona."


  1. How great, MK! Fiona is lovely and classy, too!

  2. Beautiful car, built like a tank with enough power to make some other cars with larger engines run for there money! I own 3, 85 xj6, 77 xj12L, and 95 x300 all still runing strong.


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