Wednesday, April 20, 2011


A friend told me I should drive north of town and see the canola in bloom.  Canola! haha -- This is rapeseed, and since the name is not particularly, um, appealing, the name "canola" was developed as a marketing plan. I think it's short for Canada Oil. Now we have it growing in NC too. It's very, very, very yellow.
The blinding yellow of the color just isn't coming across in these photos, which I took on the side of the road. But if you have any growing in your area -- a glaring, firey yellow field of waving plants -- you've got rapeseed.
Bees love rapeseed, but we're hoping our bees don't find it, because it makes honey you can't even sell. Hopefully, our bees have discovered some other blossoms. Like azaleas?
Adam's bread oven has already been around long enough to have its own ivy creeping up :) Makes the old oven look right at home in the yard. But here in the South, the ivy is pretty assertive, you know. If you don't beat it back, it eventually takes over. The only thing more aggressive is kudzu!

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