Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dashing to Tennessee

Huge tornadoes ripped across large swaths of the Southeast yesterday. The devastation has been enormous. Areas of Chattanooga and its environs were hit hard, and power is out in the area.  My son Philip is in college on Lookout Mountain, and although there was no damage to the college campus, they have no power, and only about a day's worth of water. So the administration is evacuating the campus. Basically, school is canceled for the remainder of the year. (They were to start exams tomorrow.) I believe the professors will be finishing up with their students via email, and graduation will continue as planned. 

But I have to go get my boy! Julia and I will take off bright and early tomorrow morning, and hopefully be home in the early evening. About 12 hours in the car. I'm glad he can help drive on the way back.

So, expect no posts, interesting or otherwise, from me tomorrow. But soon our house will be full again!


  1. Yikes! I'm glad your son is coming home. Drive carefully!


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