Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For Katie and Her Girls

This is Katie, and one of her daughters. Katie lives in Uganda. She's originally from Tennessee. She is a mom to 14 adopted Ugandan girls.  Katie is 22 years old.
I don't know Katie, and I hope she doesn't mind that I'm doing a blog post about her. I know she doesn't think she's particularly special, or particularly brave or spiritual. But I do. She simply does what others would only like to think about doing. I think that is very hard to do - to act. To commit. To give your life.

Here is Katie's blog.  Please read it. She doesn't write daily, or even often. She has 14 children, and a ministry to run, and sick people to tend to. She's short on time.

Here's the link to Amazima Ministries ("Truth" Ministries), the non-profit that Katie founded when she was 19. Read about what they're doing. Give your money to sponsor a child for school, or support the food outreach.

I want the world to know about Katie. Can you imagine -- can you imagine -- what a huge difference this one young woman will make, over her lifetime? One person, being obedient, can do much.


  1. wow...this is amazing. She is amazing, God is amazing....

  2. Wow! I know an Andrea who did the same thing! She opened an orphanage in Uganda. Amazing! Bill is going to Uganda next week (not to Andrea's orphanage).
    Have a lovely day, MK. Do you have a poem to put in your pocket?


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