Thursday, April 21, 2011

Turning Nineteen

Anna turned 19. Sigh.  All my babies are growing up.
When I asked what kind of cake she wanted -- or if she wanted something else -- she ruminated, and then decided she wanted a cheesecake pie.

Cheesecake pie?
Well, there is such a beast, as it turns out.  I used this recipe. I knew the lemon would make it great. I wanted a baked cheesecake, not just a filling. And absolutely NO pudding or shortcuts! The graham cracker crust is perfect for this pie.
Make a wish, Anna! I imagine she's wishing right now that she will do well on the college algebra test she's taking.
Fresh strawberry topping. This pie turned out light, not heavy and rich like cheesecake usually does. I liked that change. It means I can eat more of it, without feeling uncomfortable.
She liked it. Happy birthday, dear girl! We love you!

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