Monday, April 4, 2011

A Cottage Getaway

This morning I was happy to read Pom's lovely post on her pretend visit (with her reading friends! Like me!) to some seacoast cottages.  For a few minutes, she whisked me away to the lovely, salty waters, the ivy-clad walls and verdant pastures. It was so pleasant I decided to do one of my own. So, if you're weary (as I am) and need a refreshing break, come with me on a cottage getaway.
As we drive in our comfy Jaguar into the country side, this view welcomes us as we rise over the hill:
Northleach Photos
This photo of Northleach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Down a cool rural lane, we pause to view this old gate and imagine a slow walk through pastures to our home for the night.
Northleach Photos
This photo of Northleach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

As we drive along (slowly, perhaps with the top down, if the weather's fine), we see such lovely cottages! Which one is your favorite? Because you may choose whichever you like best, to stay at tonight.
How about this beauty, with her deep, thatched eaves? A stroll in the garden in the morning, with a cup of tea, would be so lovely.
 What a charming place! I bet the white blossoms are fragrant and would give you sweet dreams. You could have this little cottage all to yourself, if you like!
 Or, snuggled back in the greenery is this quiet spot. I like this. However, I want a seaside getaway ....
 This looks so old and quaint! We could stop here for afternoon tea with the old lady who lives here. She's a friend of mine.
 I stayed here once, and slept in that very room. (Remember ... we're pretending!) The birds woke me in the morning with their spring songs. And there's a deep, soaking bathtub with a wide ledge for a cup of tea.
Finally! The ocean! I can't wait to find my cottage!
 Is that it? It looks perfect. I imagine there's a relaxing sunroom on the front, and the windows are open to catch the ocean breezes. A path leads to the beach, and there are sand chairs, umbrellas, pails and everything you could want, by the door.
But then I see this cottage, just up the road. This is it! It's very large -- you can stay here with me and the others, or choose your own private home. I'll sleep in the room there, upstairs behind the heavy ivy.
Northleach Photos
This photo of Northleach is courtesy of TripAdvisor
 There is a sunroom! (Except ours would have an ocean view, of course.)
 And in the back of the house, a warm fire for the later evening.
Upstairs, I find my snug bedroom, lots of pillows, and a tea tray. There's even a cozy shawl for a late night beach walk in the moonlight.
And a cup of tea, yes. Won't you come?


  1. Yes! Yes! Of course I'll come! My husband said to me, "You just think you like cabins and cold beaches, until you get there." He's wrong. I DO love cold windy beaches and wood warmed fires. He forgets that I am a good Norwegian/Scottish girl. He loves places close to the equator!
    Isn't it fun to find cottages? I loved your tour! Thank you!

  2. I'll come along! It really was like we had a little romp in the country together. Thanks



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