Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sorry to do these so often, but the interesting online reads just keep coming, and my tab bar across the top of my screen fills up! Here are a few:

Narcissism among Evangelicals -- Narcissism seems to be the going disorder in our culture, but this article addresses its presence in the church.

Leprosy -- Think twice before you touch that armadillo at the petting zoo ....

China's population drop -- This is a catch-up on how world populations are running, especially China and India. "Fertility has dropped to an alarmingly low level, putting China at the level of Spain and close to Germany."

At last! The birth certificate!  It's taken years, but finally Obama has decided to show the world his birth certificate. I suppose we have Donald Trump to thank for this?

That's a doozie of an afternoon drive -- Over the South Rim, and into a tree!

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  1. Oh, Mk! I'm so glad you are home. I was watching the storms in Tennessee and I hoped you had returned home with your boy!


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