Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Overflowing Blogasbord

Teen Fakes Pregnancy for School Project -- This is one gutsy girl. Thinking outside the box this way will get her a fellowship or grant or something, for college.

Taxi Ride from Coast to Coast -- (video) If you have a spare $7000 sitting around, this is one fun way to spend it.

Antifreeze in your Ice Cream? -- Not sure how alarmed to get over this, but I'm rethinking making our own ice cream from now on.

Year of Plenty -- One family decides to spend a full year eating nothing but local or homemade, and wearing nothing but used. In other words -- recycling and avoiding consumerism totally. Turned it into a book. I like the writing style.

Vanya Has a Family at Last! -- "No Greater Joy" blog mom tells the latest on the adoption of this adorable Ukranian boy. If you've been keeping up with this story (or not), you should read. The world of international adoption among Christians is such an amazing place.

"How Easter and Christianity Undermine Atheism" -- An excellent article from USA Today, an unlikely source! Did you know atheism has doubled in the U.S. in the past decade? The number of self-proclaimed Christians has declined by 15%. 20% of Americans claim no religious identity whatsoever, according to the writer. But this is an exciting, convicting article about what it means to believe in God.

World Magazine examines the many ways in which modern technological "reading" may be undermining the ways in which we effectively gain knowledge and information. A good read. One quote: "It’s input-based, in that the “reader” is shaping his own reading “experience.” He’s punching buttons to get the desired content, not taking time to have a conversation with the content as it is. He is acting on the media, rather than allowing the media act on him." In other words, the reader (if you can call this reading) is forcing the content into what he wants it to be, to meet his immediate needs for information, instead of allowing the content itself to be boss, and allowing himself to be instructed by it. Such a huge difference.


  1. Thank you for the links. I read the atheism article and passed it on to my son who has a very good friend who is an atheist. They work together and they often talk about life and what it's all about.


  2. Glycol is also used in sports drinks as an emulsifier for the oils in them. It is a solvent in food colors. It is in skin creams.

    AND about 2% of people are allergic.

    We use chemicals like this in our foods and medicines, not because they are required, but as a substitute for a natural product to get the price down. As long asprice is predominant in our shopping choices, we will see a continuous increase in manufactured chemicals.


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