Friday, April 8, 2011

Driving Around, Again

We went for a little drive today, to take the girls by the library.  Sandy went along.  She loves to go along ...
She likes the passenger seat.  She would prefer to drive.

This dogwood is in our neighborhood. I suppose it is two trees, close together, but it sure looks like one!
Here's one of my favorite houses in town. I wish I could get a better photograph. I was parked across the street, hoping not to get rear-ended as I snapped this. They've done a good restoration job, I think.
As I wound around the neighborhood, I spotted this yard decor! This is even more interesting that the bottle trees I've seen!
I noticed this tulip bed yesterday, and was glad to get a shot, even through my dirty car window. They're so happy in the sun.
I brought some tilapia home from my parents' house last time I visited, and I finally thawed it, and we had half of it last night. It was more fish than I'd anticipated. So now I have thawed fish in the frig for supper again, and Adam (who finds my pan-fried tilapia a wee bit bland) offered to take over the supper cooking this evening. Fine with me! He's off to Wally's to buy a lime and various other yummies, and make fish tacos, pico and other delectables. I'll keep you posted on the culinary results.


  1. Oh, Sandy is so adorable. Can she come over to my house and stay a while? Wow! The neighborhood trees are lovely! I am going to have to take my camera every time I get in the car. It's almost time for blossoms here! I hope the fish tacos were tasty!

  2. I have a fabulous tilapia recipe...baked over sliced tomatoes sprinkled with Kalamata olives and lemon zest and topped with a mayo, parmesan, lemon juice blend. I'll email you details if you want.


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