Sunday, April 10, 2011

Watching Beauty

Spring is such a comfort. When life is wearisome, and sorrows weigh heavily on the heart, a walk in the yard lifts you up. New buds, new grass, fresh blooms, buzzing bees -- all these are ever-so-quiet cheerful bits, to remind our aching hearts that life isn't over, sorrows don't win, God is in His heaven and all is right with the world.
What does it say about the mind of God that He would create something so winsome as this?
My bleeding heart seems to get bigger each year.
The wisteria is at its peak. They look like tiny Asian lanterns dangling from above.
When we moved here, this was a pesky, unsightly vine, badly placed between the patio and the carport. But I begged for it to stay, and thrive. Each year it blesses us with shade and beauty.
What a pitiful sight! I bought this rosemary when I bought the others. I put it in a different location though -- too shady, as it turned out. Last year, it was overrun with weeds and ferns around it, and the whole plant died, except one sprig, as you see. I trimmed the dead back, and the other day I took it out of its bad shady spot, and into this pot, on the sunny patio. I wonder if it will survive?
Tending to the living and dying of so many plants, takes our minds off the daily living and dying we do in ourselves -- the repeated joys, and continual sorrows, which are little livings and dyings, I think. I want to push for life, don't you?

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  1. My bleeding heart is still below the soil, not even peeking up yet so I'll admire your big, beautiful Hearts here! It's wonderful, isn't it, to think God gave us these lovely flowers, even if only we are the ones to see them and appreciate their beauty. Thank you for sharing your garden blooms.



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