Tuesday, April 12, 2011


What do you do with your lipstick tube, when it looks like this? Choose your answer below:
A) By this time, it would have long been in the trash. I don't let the metal touch my lips!

B) I use it until it's about at this point, and throw it out.

C) I get a Q-tip, and keep using it until there's nothing left down inside the deep recesses of the tube. There's a lot of lipstick left in there!

So, what do you think? I would have set up a real "poll" on here, but I wasn't sure I could include the picture too.


  1. Well, I never use one enough to get it to that point (I like variety!) but I'd choose B. I would pick the Q-tip one but I've found that it gets cotton on your lips which is just kinda icky. :P

  2. I hadn't thought about cotton on the lips! That's funny!

  3. D. I keep smearing in on my lips (pursed out to dig down in) until the surface is so concave that the metal starts scratching my lips and then I give it to my three-year-old when she comes in in the morning and asks for "some lip" so she can be happy to be like Mommy without actually applying any lipstick.

  4. I use the handle of my tweezers to dig out what is left, and I use a little tiny empty jar like a sample cream from Clinique, for instance, to put the lipstick in. Then I apply it to my lips with my finger. Cannot stand mixing q-tips with lipstick because of the fuzz. I wipe off the tweezer handle afterward, and it is fine. Same with my fingers!

  5. You can even mix some lanolin with the lipstick to make a gloss! Handy tip! I think you can buy lanolin from the pharmacist. I got some for cracks in my heel from being in Pakistan. Very dry there!

  6. That was years ago that I was in Pakistan, by the way!


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