Saturday, April 2, 2011

Color Combinations

Spring is the time for color, isn't it?
There's a brief period when the flowering trees and shrubs are half bloom, half leaf. I wanted to capture that today. This is the small Canadian plum tree in our yard.
I've been meaning to capture the vinca/periwinkle this year. There are more blooms than usual, I think.
One of our neighbors always keep something beautiful in these pots, on their front walk -- again, leaf and bloom.
I love the layering of color you see in the trees this time of year. Here, a Japanese maple is red, in front of a white dogwood.
Another neighbor has a whole bed of pansies. They're so cheerful and bright, even though our temperatures are rather chilly still.
Phlox is such a rich blanket of lush color.
Transparent dogwood blooms against a deep blue sky and rushing clouds
The trees have that "gold" tone that Robert Frost noticed, just for a few days.  For many, it's not the early leaves, but the pollen. The trees along the interstate are lime green, and the redbud trees are pink -- a perfect natural fashion statement!
The dogwoods are bursting!
As we came around the block, again I saw the bloom and leaf combination on this border of forsythia. By next week, I bet, all the yellow will be gone.
Anna and Sandy went along.
And what did I find at home?  My bleeding heart, going crazy. Such an elegant plant; I've always loved it.


  1. Oh, the Japanese maple and dogwood are my favorites here! What a perfect color combo. And the vinca reminds me of our old house, 20+ yrs ago, that had a short fence in front, which gradually fell down/got pulled down with the help of the ever growing vinca.

  2. What gorgeous riots of color. I'm so jealous.



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