Thursday, December 23, 2010

About those movies ....

Well, so far I've watched two more of the movies I mentioned earlier this week. Adam and I watched Stone of Destiny and really enjoyed it.  It's a pretty clean movie, with only one simple kissing scene, and probably a few cuss words.  The "true story" aspect of it is fascinating too.

Tonight we watched The City of Your Final Destination. I would only recommend this movie with a good bit of caution. It's long. The plot is slow and somewhat odd/flagging at the end.  No violence, little language, but there is one rather significant homosexual relationship in the movie (with some affection involved), and if that will offend you, I'd avoid the movie. I enjoy foreign films with beautiful scenery and odd characters, but I think this movie just about put Adam to sleep, poor guy.

We also watched The Blind Side, which I know the rest of the world has already seen. But in case you haven't, of course it is highly recommended.  Great feel-good story, and I love Bullock's character.  If I had that kind of money, I might have turned out more like that mama :)

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  1. Did you notice the Bible verse misquoted at the entrance to the school?


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