Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Feet!

Awhile back, I did a promotional blog post for CSN stores. And they gave me a gift certificate to use at any of their 200 online stores.  Sounded like a sweet deal. Easy work, if you can get it :)
Anyway, it took me FOREVER to decide what to buy from them. Some of us do NOT have the shopping gene. But after seeing my mom's anti-fatigue kitchen mat, I decided that THIS was what I wanted:
(Anna's and Julia's feet. Do they look happy?)
Oh MAN! I tell you, this is one cozy, comfy arrangement for the feet.  I'm determined to get another one to go in front of the stove.
See how thick it is?  This the key to a good anti-fatigue mat.
Their website is easy to manipulate; there are direct links to all the various stores, which sell everything from kitchenware to shoes to electronics.  If you want an easy Christmas shopping experience, done from the comfort of your couch, with reasonable shipping costs and FAST delivery (mine came 2 days later!!) -- CSN is the place.
I decided to order a Crown mat, because I'd seen them before in people's kitchens and knew they were thick and well-made.  This mat only cost me $15, and it's a little bigger than 2' by 3'. I am VERY pleased.

And although I've done a promo for CSN before, and I'll be doing another one, this post is just because I love this mat, and I really like the stuff they sell.

(Also on that 1st promo, I bought Adam an oil spray bottle for cooking. I'll review that when it comes. And for the next promo, I plan to get a kitchen scale, so I can do my soap-making accurately!)

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