Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Anna's little fingers

I mentioned that Anna bought quilt squares at the Taproot Artisans store. They were beautiful -- perfectly square -- eliminating the hours of cutting vaguely square pieces for a quilt. They were done on a fabric cutting machine.

So what does my daughter do, as soon as she gets home?  Well, she starts cutting those squares up (ARGH!) into hexagons. And she started making these:
I love the white stitching she's doing around the edges.
When she finished 2 "flowers," she put them on a white panel, and lined it with more squares.
And she's already starting on the next one.  That girl's fingers are NEVER idle. She has the hand-work gift.
I would be remiss if I didn't at some point post these pics of Peter.  He's tall -- about 6'2" now. The cute apron was a gift to me for Christmas, but I got him to pose. If you look closely, you'll see a little box-pin on his chest.  He's pulling a red string out of the bottom of it -- he calls this "popping Santa" -- when you pull the string, Santa bursts out of the top of the chimney box :) The kids have always loved this pin, and still ask to pull the string.
At the Christmas Party, Peter spent a lot of his time doing this:
They grow so big, and turn into young men and women so fast, if you don't take a picture of them when they're asleep, you might miss it altogether.

(Sorry my pics are so dark.  Adam has promised me new camera batteries in my stocking on Saturday morning :)

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