Monday, December 6, 2010

December is already busy!

Too busy today to write much.  December is such a race to the finish!!! Yesterday we had morning church, came home for about an hour to eat tacos, then 3 of us went to sing in a local performance of Handel's Messiah. It was a truly wonderful hour, with excellent soloists, and I loved singing those rousing choruses.  The whole auditorium sang with us on the "Hallelujah Chorus," and I looked upward as we sang the Lord's name, wanting His spirit to be there, to uplift everyone as we anticipate not just a remembrance of His birth, but celebrate His living in our souls now -- making us spiritually alive and happy to be His children.
We barely had time to breathe after that, before we had to be at church in the evening for Julia to practice for her children's Christmas program, which is next week. We also had our Chrismon program tonight -- remember, I wrote about our Chrismon ornaments earlier? The choir sang, we all sang carols, and the children decorated the tree some more.
Today? Well, I'm trying to do school with the girls this morning, so I can get the house cleaned.  Our Bible study group is coming over this evening.  But -- I won't be here (boohoo!!!).  I'll be rehearsing with Anna and Peter tonight for our concert tomorrow night. Do you see what I mean?  So busy!! So, I need to clean the house, and get to the grocery store, cook supper, and get nibbles ready for the guests I won't be here to see.
I hope you've enjoyed some of our ornaments in this post. The one below is a cheap, simple plastic one, but doesn't it sparkle! In contrast, I have several elegant, expensive glass and crystal ones.  But the twinkly lights seem to make them all lovely, alike.
I'll get back to you when I can catch my breath.


  1. There were many years when singing carols was the only thing that got me through December without having a nervous breakdown from the many pressures on all sides. May God keep you!

  2. Ah - thanks, GJ!! I'm back home this evening and SO tired. But it was a good day, good rehearsal. Hopefully after this week, things will lighten up :)Enjoy your carol singing!


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