Tuesday, December 21, 2010

At the Christmas Party

Last night the whole fam went to a Christmas Party at some good friends' home.  What fun we had!! And what FOOD! Oh my. Here is our hostess Cheryl, holding Sigfried, with Patty, and Georgia who has clearly found the buffet line.
Their living room, decorated for the season. The tree is lovely, and not as fuzzy as is indicated here.  But my favorite thing is that chaise lounge. Doesn't it look luxurious in that Italian way?
Julia and Georgia ate their nibbles in front of the fire.
The three lovelies:  Anna, Audra, Myranda. They had a silly photo session in the living room. This was a more sedate pose.
A bit of the silliness. 
Anna decided to plonk down in my lap, so I hugged her up, and Audra snapped a pic.
Then Peter decided he wasn't too old for such motherly affection.  He's honestly not that heavy.  Now, that large child in the background?  He threatened to come over and flop in my lap too, but we might have broken their nice chair :)
Everyone should enjoy one good Christmas Party each year -- and we did ours!  Thanks, dear friends!

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