Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Girls' Day Out

Yesterday, I was quietly making breakfast in my jammies, when the phone rang. For me! Yesterday was going to be my stay-at-home-and-don't-step-foot-outside-the-house day. But on the phone was my friend Carlene, from church, asking if I wanted to go shopping instead.  Now, friends, I'm not a shopper. I abhor the mall. I don't break out in hives or anything, but I do avoid them if I can. So much walking, and so little to show for it.

But I said yes, and off we went. Here's the list of stores we plowed through:
Ross -- I bought a sale shirt for Peter.
Christian Family Bookstore -- I bought Julia's "big" present, a new Bible with her name on it, and a case for it.
Tar-jay -- We used their restroom.
Old Navy -- They had GREAT sales, but their check-out line stretched to the edge of doom, so we left.
TJ Maxx -- nada
Food Court for lunch -- We shared a Japanese Chicken Teriyaki, which was rather delish.
GNC -- I found no Grapefruit Seed Oil (for making Jody's cream), but Carlene found some leg cramp medicine.
Penney's -- I finally found 2 turtleneck shirts for Peter.  3 shirts.  That's all the boy will have under the tree, and he'll complain about those.  He wants only C*A*S*H.
Dillard -- I later realized that this was our real destination. Carlene headed for the make-up counter like a nectar-laden bee flying toward the hive. She instructed the girls there to "do" our faces.  I've never, ever had the nerve to walk up to those white-coated professionals, with my unadorned face, and demand such a thing.  This is why every girl needs a friend like Carlene, who is fearless.

Carlene, in the hands of a professional:
Me, wondering what in the world I was doing there:
I don't wear makeup, really. A dash of powder, a smear of lipstick, and I'm ready to go. And I'm not gonna change that, thank you. But I must say, I must avow, that it was lovely, calming, and nearly heavenly, to sit there and let a tender-fingered lady who deals with faces every day, cleanse, moisturize and generally gloop up my skin. So relaxing.

The final effect, however, I was not all that thrilled with. A tad scary, although Carlene looks lovely. I did buy some cleanser and a new lipstick.
The first thing I did when I got home was take that cleanser and remove that make-up.
The second thing I did was lie down on the couch and gaze with my exhausted and un-mascaraed eyes, at our tree. Gradually the twinkling lights blurred.
And I dozed off into a nap, listening to harp music that my son brought for me from college.  Isn't he sweet?
It's now 10:14 AM, today. And again I say, I'm not going anywhere!!! But I'm not sure I'll be able to do it.


  1. Actually, you do look lovely whether or not you have makeup on! It's the adorning of the meek and quiet spirit (that was drilled into me as a Mennonite!!) that really counts and I, by nature, am not meek or quiet! It's a struggle!

    My day at the Mall with Mr. S was good! Penney's was my best bargain!! And the little ornament shop in the middle of the mall where I got personalized ornaments for the little people was also a "hit" for me.

    ~karen (WI)

  2. oh FUN, gotta love a good glam day! and you look LOVELY!

  3. You are a good sport and very adventurous to go on such an outing this week. I'll bet Carlene was glad you were a willing friend!

  4. I think you look lovely either way. I'm sorry you don't share my enthusiasm for shopping - although maybe that's a good thing!

  5. Thanks, friends!! (I have to admit to having a bit of fun, once I actually got there....) Rebecca -- I think shopping would be much more enjoyable than usual, with you along. You, Anna & Julia. Definitely.


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