Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some Treats for You from the Blogasbord

Here are a few delights I've found in recent days, in blogworld.

[BTW, does anyone else wish that someone had found a nicer word than "blog" for what we do here. Sigh.]

I often enjoy Eric's pictures at the Paris Daily Photo.  Today's was especially nice.  They're having an unusual amount of snow this year.

And I'm so appreciative to Gumbo Lily for this post on making your own hand cream/moisturizer -- I had no idea it was so easy!  I'm definitely trying this, since I already have a good supply of olive oil and coconut oil in the house for soap-making. Thanks, Jody!

Lastly, please read this beautiful true story of a gift given to a child at Christmas -- told by the daughter of a friend of mine. I bet you'll be teary by the end.

I lied.  That wasn't last :)  I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about this year's best kept online Christmas secret:  Pandora!  Click over there, sign up (it's free), and then choose one of their holiday stations.  I've been listening to the "Classical Christmas" station for days, and it's perfection. (For the unenlightened, Pandora is basically a radio station on your computer, which plays all your favorite songs, or in this case, has a station already set up for your personal tastes. Enjoy!)

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  1. Thank you for the bloggy-love, MK. I liked the Christmas story very much. I have discovered Pandora this year too and really enjoy it. I hope you will find the bee butter to be helpful.



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