Thursday, December 30, 2010

Donuts and Games

Rebecca works at a bakery.  (I would be dead meat if I worked in a bakery, by the way.)  So for Christmas, she brought us 3 large boxes of donuts. I've never seen so many donuts, except on the Krispy Kreme conveyor belt, or at a convention center brunch. Look at 'em!!
Heavenly, I know. And I mean that seriously.  When I think of the bakery goods we will make in heaven, the mind boggles. If you see a few empty spots in those boxes, it's because we'd already loaded a few in the oven, to warm and soften them:
Friends, this is so dangerous. Rebecca is very thin, but the rest of us cannot safely be around that many donuts.

Anyway, to work off all that fat and sugar, we decided to play games for the afternoon.  First, there were a few rounds of "Clue." The fire is roaring away.  Note that Philip is not participating. He says he hates "Clue."
After "Clue," we played "Dutch Blitz."  I bought both these games for the whole family, for Christmas. We love Dutch Blitz! (Well, except for Philip, of course.) Anna is insanely competitive in this game. Rebecca had never played before.  Adam claims that his synesthesia gives him a huge advantage over us in the game -- the numbers on the cards leap out at him, and this help him in noting what pile he needs to slap a card on. Hmm.  Well, he didn't win every round. He is pretty good though.
He and Anna were just brutal.  After they left the game (exhausted, I'll add), the rest of us played very civilly.
There will be more of this going on today.  I think I'm getting the hang of "Dutch Blitz."  (And, thanks to Uncle Steve and Aunt Cathy for introducing us all to this game, years ago, when we were snowed/iced in at their home for days on end. We still talk about that weekend fondly.)


  1. I'm with Philip; I don't like playing games, except the occasional word game. But for the sake of the family I will sometimes sacrifice. ;-)

  2. Well ... I must admit, he did sacrifice and play too :) He played some rounds of Dutch Blitz. But I think we wore him on on Clue, years ago :) Yesterday, I'm sure he did it for Rebecca.


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