Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Basket-making with the girls

When I came home from shopping on Saturday, I found my husband doing this:
Julia had a friend over for the day, and the other mom had sent 2 basket-making kits for the girls to work on. Here, Anna helps Julia's friend.
When I walked in, Adam was just a wee bit frustrated.  He declared it to be a Mama Project, and left the room.
I helped Julia, who was very ready to give up. We split the work.  I also poked a hole in her basket with a knife - :( Ah well.
Julia enjoyed threading the reed that wraps around the top. That was almost the hardest part.
The girls show off their finished products.  The kits came from Old Salem, and were very doable.  I'd really like to do more basket-weaving, if I ever get the time!

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