Thursday, December 30, 2010

Breakfast on the Blogasbord:

Good morning, hungry bloggers! Here are a few delectables I've collected for you:

First, a link to MommyLife. If you enjoy beautifully creative things, please take a minute to look. This mom in Finland decided to photograph her totally-snoozed baby in various adorable, creative poses.  So cute! Her site is here, but I didn't find it as easy to use as MommyLife's.

This year, we mysteriously and inexplicably LOST the Jesse Tree Advent Book we've had for 20 years. I'm hoping it turns up, but until then, I was so happy to find a new, free download this morning, at Ann Voskamp's post. Scroll down to the bottom of her post, for the link to the download. If it doesn't work for you the first time, keep trying. I like her book better, I think, because it has daily readings from Scripture, right in the book. If you have young children, and you don't yet do a Jesse Tree, I'd encourage you to do it. Make your own ornaments, or have your church do a lot of them for multiple families, next year.

The next one, I'm hesitant to include, because it's rather poorly written.  It's a blog post done by Joe Bastardi, Chief Meteriologist for I hunted long and hard to find it. Adam heard or read (he can't recall which) Joe on the subject of Global Warming (or, Climate Change, as they now call it) recently, and said his insights are good.  The man is a master at understanding Earth's weather, and an excellent meteorologist. Like I said, it's poorly written, as many blog posts are. Evidently he edited it well, before he published the version Adam read (which I can't find). So, read for content.

Michelle DeRusha, over at Graceful, posted today about an online quiz she took. Not exactly a "personality quiz," it is rather accurate at pinpointing your "striving style" -- the mode you function in best, as you try to accomplish your goals in life. Michelle found hers convicting as a Christian, and so did I. You can take the quiz here.  The seven "striving styles" are: Striving to help, Striving to be recognized, Striving to be creative, Striving to be spontaneous, Striving to be knowledgeable, Striving to be secure, Striving to be in control.

I tested as "Striving to be secure."

No surprise there. (Although I tested equally strong in "Striving to be knowledgeable.")  I crave security. Being insecure or uncertain in life (which has basically defined my earthly existence for quite some time) drives me crazy. However, like DeRusha, I find much spiritual instruction in this.  As a child of God, I have ultimate security in being His child, and my insecurity on this planet should be a constant reminder of my inheritance in heaven. But a person who craves security also craves to hold it with both hands. This is a constant battle for me.


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