Monday, December 20, 2010

Need Some Movies?

I've had several movie recommendations in the past week that I thought I'd pass on to you, faithful readers.  We use Netflix. ($15 per month buys us access to thousands of movies instantly on our computer.)  If you have Netflix, you might want to take advantage of this "play-it-now" option.  No waiting for DVDs in the mail! And definitely no more driving over to Blockbuster!!  Netflix has driven them out of business.

Without further ado:

Enchanted April.  Rated PG, but is honestly squeaky clean. Romantic, dear, lovely.  If you long for sunny days in Tuscany with dear friends, you'll like this movie. Definitely a chic flick. (This is the only one of these movies that I've actually seen.)

Stone of Destiny.  Adam watched this and says I must see it. Rated PG.  Mild college cussing, not too much of it, he says. It's a movie based on the true story off some college boys who decided to steal the famous "stone of scone," the ancestral royal stone of Scotland, that was kept under the seat of the equally-famous coronation chair of England, which resides in Westminster Abbey.  I'm eager to see this one, if I can ever get an evening at home!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  This one was recommended to me by my college-age son.  It's rated R, and I'm not yet sure why, so be sure to check this out before you get engrossed in the film. I don't usually watch R-rated movies because there's so much distasteful stuff out there.  Occasionally you find a movie with one icky scene, which you can skip over, and the rest is enjoyable.  We'll see.  He says it's the love story of two people who break up, have a procedure done that erases their memory of their relationship, and they (of course) they find each other again. Sounds sweet.

The City of Your Final Destination. I chanced upon this movie on the Netflix site last night, while hunting for adaptations of Henry James novels. It sounds similar, and it stars Anthony Hopkins, so you know it's not shabby. He travels to South America to write a book, so it will have that foreign flair that I find almost essential in a movie these days. PG-13

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I remember when this hit the theaters, but I never saw it. Stars Brad Pitt, whose lovely but vapid face I usually avoid. PG-13. The story was evidently taken from an F. Scott Fizgerald short story, in which a man is born as an old man, and gradually becomes younger as life goes along. Some friends loved this movie.  My college-age son did not.

As I said, ALL these movies are "play-it-now" options on Netflix, so if you have that service, you can watch them any time you like, over the holidays.  Such a lovely idea. I'm sure all entertainment will go this way in the future.  I was watching Notting Hill the other night (Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant movie from about 20 years ago?) She plays a famous actress.  When he bumps into her, literally, in the street, and spills orange juice on her blouse, he has to take her back to his apartment, so she can make a phone call. Hahaha!  Now, there are poor people all over the world who don't have plumbing or cars, but they have cell phones.  We call when we want, where we want. Soon our entertainment will be equally at our own disposal. Why wait for your favorite movie to come on at 8:00?  Or to arrive in the mail?  You should be able to watch it when you want, without cluttering up your house with a little flat disc in a DVD rack.

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  1. Saw the Stone of Destiny not long ago. It was unpredictably fun! I watched 'Notting Hill' for the 2nd time not long ago and it was just as fun the 2nd time as the first, which always surprises me pleasantly in a movie! We watched Russell Crowe's Robin Hood last week and really liked it. It is story behind the story and leads up to his becoming an outlaw. Joel and i usually like all things Russell Crowe!


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