Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Big Bedroom Swap:

Yesterday when Peter came home, I got out my bull whip and got those kiddoes working!!  Just kidding.  Here's his bedroom close to the end of the Big Move to the basement. So much junk! So much paper & trash!
Here's the basement -- sorry it's so dark. See the mattress & furniture out of place.  I think he'll end up liking the privacy down there, and hanging out with his big brother over the holidays.  It's a ton of space.
So, now Peter's old bedroom looks like this!  Sofa, cozy black chair, opened drapes and sunshine.  This room has the BEST view of our nice backyard.  Peter never opened his drapes.

Julia tumbles off the couch.  She helped by putting all our board games into the closet in this room, under the TV area. This bedroom was previously used as a TV room, so there's a cable connection (which we won't be using) but also a built in TV shelf in the closet with storage underneath.
This could also make a good place for quiet reading or study, during homeschooling.

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