Friday, December 3, 2010

The T.V. Dilemma

We have no T.V. reception in our house. Haven't had any for over five years now. We have lap tops, and Youtube, and Netflix in the mail and live-streaming.  But no T.V. reception.

And some of you would say, "Good for you! There's nothing but trash on anyway!"

Still, there are times .... Like during the Olympics. Or World Cup. Or, ahem, FOOTBALL SEASON.  Adam's pining for a good football game, I can tell.

When we stroll through WalMart, y'know those not-so-huge flat screen T.V.s aren't radically expensive. If we got a long, flat-screen T.V., we'd also need to look at flat screen TV stands.  I adore this one in white, with the storage underneath -- it's designed to fit in the corner!

I say that, because this is what we currently have:
Yep. That's an old 19" TV, with a huge back-side. It's in the brick basement, where no T.V. reception can be had, short of paying a cable bill. The T.V. sits atop an old Victrola case, with the DVD and VCR players inside. The doors squeak, and they swing closed on their own, so you can't use the remote on the players, unless one of the kids walks over and opens the doors. Kind of defeats the purpose of the remote, y'know?

The Victrola case itself is rather pretty though, I think. There's even a hole in the side of the case, where the Victrola handle used to stick out.  And the top of it is a lid that lifts up, with a hinge on the side.
This is my real T.V. stand.  It lives in the dining room. I store linens in it. You can see where the players are supposed to sit. I thought it was too pretty for the basement. The kids tended to lie on the floor and rattle the handles loose with their toes.
I can just feel that Adam and I are inching toward having a T.V. upstairs again, with strict rules on its use. I hate commercials.  I deplore 1/2 hour sitcoms and 1 hour dramas. My kids have exclaimed about Scrubs and The Office, and I just don't get the wonder.  I grew up with Captain Kangaroo. But I'd sure love some cookin' shows, and gardening shows, and Masterpiece Theater.  We're considering it, when the job market turns our way.
So, I'll let you know when the new flat screen TV is bought and its gorgeous TV stand from CSN stores.  We may be weakening!!


  1. We mainly have TV for sports events. Our family loves sports. Of course, we do watch movies and episodes of MASH too. We still have an "old model" TV but won't dump it until it dies.


  2. I am not pining for a TV upstairs, though a football game would be fun.


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