Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowed In!!

At first, we saw only light flurries, sprinkling the yard.
Then it began to stick to the bushes and bricks.
Soon, the rosemaries grew heavy with the white.
Can't ANYBODY smile?
The wedding china made its annual appearance.
Christmas Dinner: The Best Mashed Potatoes I've Ever Made (with gravy), sauteed asparagus with lemon, homemade rolls, sweet corn, roast beast, slow-braised with carrots, cole slaw. Sweet tea.
As the afternoon darkened, I let the Advent candles burn down.
The air turned blue and the snow deepened. The tree inside twinkled. We watched "Jeeves and Wooster."
The rosemaries slowly submit to burial.
The Christmas village lights glitter on the banks of cold.
This morning, the rosemaries have disappeared.
Adam shovels the drive, again.
Photographs never seem to do justice to the trees in snow.
We had about 6 - 7" of snow. I like the knob atop this fire lamp.
The majestic pine in the back yard carries the weight well.
The naked, spidery wysteria vine. You can't see them, but the seed pods left dangling on its branches look just like Christmas ornaments on a twiggy tree.
Church is canceled here, probably all over town. But we all had lovely Candlelight services on Friday night, so that's fine. We'll worship at home on the Lord's Day today.


  1. Roast beast? Which species of beast, M.K.? Maybe beef...
    In any case, it looks yummy, and it's so special that you got snow for Christmas.

    A blessed feast to you, all 12 days of it!

  2. heehee -- I think my husband started our habit of calling it "roast beast." Silly :)

    I LIKE the idea of celebrating for 12 days of wonderful feasting. We could do the presents all over again!


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