Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No Time for the Blogasbord!

Sliding through the new posts on my Google Reader, I see that both Gretchen Joanna and Gumbo Jody have new posts up this morning, and - argh!! -- I have NO time to read them!  They will have to serve as tantalizing desserts for later, on the blogasbord. Sigh. (As if I don't have enough post-Christmas delicacies around this house!) Their posts are always good reading, and I have too much to do today.

I must:

Vacuum.  A lot.
Crochet. Nobody needs a pair of half-finished hand warmers.
 Sew.  Yeah, I know. You were not aware that I sew, were you?  That's because I never do it. I've had fabric for THREE aprons lying around the house for almost 18 months now.  One piece got swiped for soap packaging.  Well, today will be an apron today.  I hope....
Make bread.

Also, by the by, here's a link to The High Calling blog, their "Best of 2010 Blogs." Never heard of them before.  Ann Voskamp linked to them today. She has a post listed among their Top Ten. Some good reading there, friends.

I'm off to dance with my vacuum cleaner.  He usually wins.

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