Thursday, December 23, 2010

From the Blogasbord

Good Morning!  Or as Julia said, Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I had a few websites I thought you might enjoy, if you're already on vacation and looking for a something to read.

First, if you need a great Christmas treat, but can't seem to find a decent idea or recipe, check out Macheesmo's post.  Oh My!!  Sixty gorgeous pictures, and you can just drag your cursor over the pics and read what they are. Even if you DON'T need a recipe, it's fun to drool on your keyboard anyway.

Second, Ann Voskamp's post about the eclipse and the real hope of wise men, was particularly good. Both of these sites (for some reason) no longer update automatically on my Google Feed Reader, which is sad for me, but occasionally I remember to go over and check them out. Glad I did!

Third, on a more cultural note, this is an interesting article by Wolf Blitzer, about his recent trip to North Korea. He speaks more personally, emotionally, about the effect of his visit, and his concerns for the people. Worth reading, particularly if this corner of the world, with its sadness, is on your heart this year.

And, just because some of us are really bored, and need a little bizarre entertainment, here's a web article about how there were red-haired giants in North America long, long ago. Be sure to read the comments for a more balanced approach!

Once again, here's an article that boggles the mind -- Irish monks, in West Virginia, long before Leif Ericson or Columbus?  And they left Christmas greetings in a cave?  That coincide with the winter solstice so that we can appreciate them 1500 years later? If you're still interested, here's a more detailed assessment of the writing itself, from the same source.  I don't say whether I believe all this, but it's fun to imagine it might be valid.

And now, I have things to do.  Adam is making his caramel turtles today in the kitchen. Photo op. I thought I was done shopping, but I remembered that I forgot his stocking stuffers. And I need potatoes.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!


  1. Thanks for the Christmas present, M.K.! I had seen only one of those pages...and will probably have to wait a few days to enjoy all the interesting stuff you put in my blog stocking.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. You're welcome, GJ! I always enjoy your links too. Merry Christmas!


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