Thursday, December 9, 2010

Driving Around

I dragged Adam around town recently to buy all the paraphernalia for making SOAP :)  We ended up seeing nooks and crannies of the city that we'd never visited before. Like this church that has become a business office. Isn't it beautiful? I can't help wishing it were still a church.  Still, some churches need to go ahead and die, and sell their buildings to lawyers. Hmm. I'll save that idea for another post.
We saw this fella, trying hard to convince people to buy ice cream in December. With freezing temps and strong winds.  Good luck with that.
I'm playing a duet, Silent Night, with my friend, who plays the dulcimer.  Here she lets one of the young men of our church try it out -- he's pretty talented, and picked it up right away!
Our children at church sang Away in the Manger during our Chrismon service.
And yesterday Adam made this soap mold for me. Today I plan to make my Very First Batch of Soap.  You know I'll post it all here! Check back later :)
(It's so nice to have a talented, helpful husband.)

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