Below you'll find some of the delicious food that Adam & I enjoy making for our family.  Sometimes there are recipes, but often it's just photos. Adam is the great chef in the family.  That means he's the one who weighs his flour when he bakes.  I do the grunt work of churning out spaghetti and meatloaf for the masses.

Anna's 16th birthday meal
Apple Crisp
Apple Pandowdy
Apple Turnovers
Applesauce -- simple, homemade
Arroz con Pollo
Artichoke Dip - so easy and yummy, 4-cup small hot casserole
Bacon Butter Sauce (to go on fresh pasta) - recipe and pictures
Bacon/Caramelized Onion Cheese Dip -- so tasty!
Beef Bourguignon, part one
Beef Bourguignon, part two
Beef Stew -- pics and recipe. A great meal with cornbread!
Beef Stroganoff - pics too, and Adam's homemade pasta
Belz Bash - my version. I don't know that the Belz family would recognize it.
BLT -  Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato, on homemade bread
Blackberry Pie - straight from the bush
Blondies - with white chocolate and walnuts
Blueberry Brownies - wish I'd taken a picture!!
Bread in the Bread Oven
Bread - Country Loaf and Baguettes
Bread - MK makes Adam's Country Loaf
Bruscetta again -- Good use of leftover bread with tomatoes and mozzerella
Buckeyes - chocolate covered Christmas balls
Butternut Squash - and other yummies like pumpkin bread - part one
Butternut Squash part two, with smoked chicken on the grill
Cake: Brown Sugar Caramel Pound Cake with photos - moist, caramel drizzle perfection!
Carne Asada -- Adam's great version of this Mexican entree, with thin meat, crispy tostados and avacodo
Chai -- my hot beverage of choice, made from scratch with whole spices
Cheese Ball with Pineapple -- SO good! Wonderful choice for ladies' luncheons.
Cheese Sauce (Adam's), also white sauce or cream sauce -- no roux necessary
Chef Salad
Chicken Alfredo
Chicken Cacciatore 
Chicken Divan -- My favorite chicken dish. Recipe and pictures.
Chicken Hobo Dinner - moist and tasty, grilled in tin foil
Chicken Paella -- A great chicken/rice dish with excellent flavor, can be done in a crockpot
Christmas Dinner - just a photo of my plate at Christmas Dinner, 2010
Chocolate Cake (Miss Alberta Cake) - pictures and recipe
Chocolate Cake (Shirley Holcomb) -- a great hybrid cake that starts with a mix, soft & gooey.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate-Covered Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich - it's as yummy as it sounds. 
Chocolate Sauce - the BEST EVER
Chocolate/Pistachio Biscotti
Chocolate Turtles -- well, the caramel/peanut insides, anyway
Clementine Chicken - recipe with a short video
Coconut Chocolate Bars (Mounds!!) --  everything you love about Mounds bars, and it's homemade!
Cole Slaw -- recipe only
Cookies: "Crunchy Goodies" (Joan Beard) -- addictive easy cookies made with white chocolate and a variety of cereals
Cornbread by Tasha Tudor -- best cornbread ever!
Cranberry Marmalade relish -- yummy and easy!
Cream Cheese Pastries - Adam makes these large, delicious pies
Crepes -- dessert recipe, with strawberries & cream
Crispy Baked Chicken - with garlic, basil, rosemary & lime
Crispy Battered Pork Chops
Cucumber Sandwiches
Cupcakes - Anna made these adorable sweets. Love the decorating!
Deboning a Raw Chicken -- with pictures
Dressing -  My mom's great garlic/mayo dressing recipe
Eggplant Parmesan - recipe and pictures
Egg Sandwich, fried -- simple breakfast with pics
English Muffins - homemade
Feta Dip --  A fabulous recipe with incredible flavor. Serve with baguettes.
Fig Preserves --  Wonderful! Simplest preserve recipe ever.
Focaccia -- pics, and recipe lifted from Am. Test Kitchen
French Onion Soup - the details
French Onion Soup - the photos
French Silk Chocolate Pie with recipe
Fried Biscuits - biscuits on the stove
Fried Chicken - buttermilk, double-dipped
Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Rice -- with pork sausage
Funnel Cakes
Garlic Salad Dressing -- the best dressing I've ever eaten. Keep it in your frig at all times.
Giant Rice Krispie Treat birthday cake 
Gingerbread- made with rye flour!
Grape Salad -- (from DeVona Robinson) cool, cream cheese salad, very delicious
Grits - stone-ground, slow-cooked
Healthy, Creamy Smoothies
Honey Puffed Pancake
Ice Cream: Chocolate Mousse Royale --  A fabulous, homemade, silky-smooth, very-rich cream.
Italian Bread Loaf
Key Lime Granita
Klondike Pie -- fabulous! Love the crust.
Lamb Roast
Lasagna -- pics and the recipe for Adam's yummy sauce
Lemon Butter Cake -- Mags's very-lemony-tasting, moist bar/cake recipe
Lemon Pie (creamy) -- EXCELLENT flavor, and very easy to make
Lemon Cloud Pie -- photos and recipe
Lemon (fried) Rice - we didn't fry it, but this zippy dish is a good find!
London Broil -- Adam's fabulous specialty, with a Mexican rub
Matzo Bread
Meals without using the oven - five good summertime meals
Meatloaf, Corn Pudding, Steamed Broccoli w/ Cheese Sauce -- all homemade and SO yummy 
Mile-High Pizza - Adam's deep-dish wonder
Orange-Date Muffins - wonderful flavor in this moist muffin
Orange Julius - Adam's is particularly creamy and smooth.
Pancakes with fresh strawberries
Pasta - homemade, with pictures
Pasta Primavera -- a light, healthy meal with bowtie pasta
Pasta Primavera -- with shells and mozzerella
Peach Pandowdy
Peanut Butter Cookies
Pecan Christmas Cookies -- little white heavenly balls!
Pesto and Pesto Baguettes --  pictures and recipe
Pie Making
Pie Pumpkins
Pies - Thanksgiving:  pumpkin, chocolate chess and deep-dish apple
Pineapple Nut Cake -- photos and recipe of this tasty, fat-free quick cake
Pizza - straight from Adam's bread oven that he built, cool pics :)
Potato Cakes 
Potato Chip Cookies - a fabulous cookie from my cousin Tammy
Pretzel Rolo Candies (also called Poor Man's Turtles)
Pumpkin Bread recipe
Pumpkin Bread photos
Pumpkin Dip -- easy, quick, and delicious dip for cookies or fruit
Pumpkin Spice Latte -- recipe and photos
Quesadilla - with homemade pico and guacamole 
Quiche -- CRUSTLESS -- click over to Granny Marigold's flawless recipe!
Red Potatoes - "smashed" 
Red Sauce from Roma Tomatoes
Roast Beef Perfection
Roast Beef Sandwiches
Rolls -- white, yeast dinner rolls, recipe only. There's a picture here.
Rolo Turtle Pretzels
Rye bread - photo of Adam's first 4 loaves from the bread oven
Salmon Steaks on Grill, with lemon cream sauce and tomato garnish - scroll down to read the instructions, no pics.
Saturday morning pancakes, with my brother's farm blueberries
S'mores -- baked in the oven, caterpillar style!!
Soft Molasses Cookies
Sopapillas and here's another one
Spaghetti Sauce
Spice Cookies and Pumpkin Dip - these are wonderful
Spinach Salad - simple fare, with a picture
Spring Rolls - Here's the first attempt, and here's the second (vastly improved) attempt.
Strawberries, canned & frozen
Strawberry Yum Yum --  Full recipe, with great pics
Sunday Pot Roast   and you can see pics here and another version here.
Sweet & Spicy Popcorn
Taco Rice
Tammy's Cream Cheese Breakfast Rolls
Tapioca Pudding recipe
Tea -- Holiday Spice Tea -- DeVona's recipe, tastes like a real version of "Russian tea"
Turtles - Adam's Christmas delicacy
Vegetable Beef Soup
Wheat Bread -- my mother's recipe, which she's been making for decades, with walnuts if you like 
Yeast Donuts - Martha Stewart's recipe